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Eddington Engineering can manufacture farm machinery or any gadget you may desire. We can repair most farm machinery requiring welding, fitting and turning or straightening etc. even mending a hole in a favourite saucepan. Pumps of any shape and size can be repaired on site. Eddington Engineering repair, commission and have been involved in research and development of Keenan feed mixers, travelling all over the country for the Keenan Company.

We are agents for:

  • Presto panels
  • Quick lift Cranes
  • The Solar Pump Company
Bridgework, Bridge repairs
  Loddon river bridgework
Onsite Repairs, Welding, Fitting, Turning / Straightening   Farm Machinery Manufacturers and Repairers, Keenan Feed Mixer Repair
Bridgework on site   Keenan feed mixer repair