Steel Fabricators

Custom Truck Trays

Specialised Truck Tray Manufacturers

  • 5mm or 3mm floor plate or smooth floor.
  • Plastic or steel mudguards.
  • Tipping systems – dash or pendulum control.
  • Slide in tilt tray.
  • Beaver tail with hydraulic or manual ramp.
  • Grain bin with aluminium grain doors and roll over tarps.
  • Fixed sides or split removable sides.
  • Sockets in combing rail for gates
  • Tool boxes under tray.
  • Any size or shape toolbox on top of tray.
  • Tieman side lift tailgates fitted.
  • Cranes fitted where required.
  • LED lights of your choice.
Custom Truck Trays - Standard Tipper
Standard tipper with roll over tarp
Specialised Truck Trays - Side Tipper
This is a side tipper, with custom toolboxes and a crane fitted to the front of the truck tray
Truck Tray Manufacturers - Beavertail
This beavertail has tie down points set in the wooden floor, side LED lights, crane mounted in front of the truck tray, hydraulically operated ramp and tool box underneath.